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About CEO:


Joy Rosalyn has always had a love for movies.  Deciding to embark on a film career she obtained her Media Arts Degree from the University of New Mexico and after making a few short films she realized how difficult it was to make a full-length independent film let alone break into the industry.  After settling into a regular career and work schedule she decided to push forward and make her first independent film "Karma", in which she wrote, directed and produced.


"There is so much to learn in this industry.  It's actually a never ending process.  I am so excited to press forward and better my capablitlites as a filmmaker and production company owner.  There are so many helpful people in this city starting with the devoted cast and crew that have made this process educational and enjoyable.  I can't wait to improve with every project and entertain everyone to the best of my ability".

Joy Rosalyn

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